March 24, 2023

new video! ranking every story from junji ito maniac from worst to best

This series was honestly the most 6/10 piece of content that's ever been produced and I have made my peace with that. I am a big Junji Ito fan, but I temper my expectations whenever I hear the word "Netflix" attached to a production (which invokes the same degree of earned skepticism as "gluten-free" or "directed by M. Night Shyamalan"). Still, I have decided to bestow upon you my excellently crafted and highly revered opinions on each episode. You can watch the video here.

March 23, 2023

welcome to the new website!

I mean, there was no old website. I could have just said "welcome to the website", but that lacks a particular pizzazz, no? A website needs pizzazz — how else can I be expected to compete with the instant dopamine hit of freebasing 324 videos off your TikTok FYP in four-and-a-half minutes? Text is a dying medium; long live highly-compressed camera phone videos of pets, babies, rants, and, of course, that one guy who really loves trains (who we must protect at all costs).